It is also be possible to book UNICORN for a specific theme, with or without additional acts. Here are some of the possibilities:

"A night in Ireland"

On this Irish evening UNICORN plays purely Celtic music. All styles of Irish music are played.
There are also various additional options to this program (at extra costs):

1) Irish dance night: for an extra charge you can book UNICORN with Irish dance act KYRA. The dance group consists of 6-8 professional Dutch and Irish dancers between the ages 15 and 28. These dancers express their creativity in a whirlwind show of various Irish dances. The choreographies are of their own design. Because all of the dancers have plenty experience with national and international Irish dance competitions, you are assured of a very high level of Irish dancing!
KYRA treats you to a spectacular show consisting of a combination of jigs, reels, hornpipes and set dances, danced with soft shoes and hard shoes.
You will be amazed by the flashy footwork!
Click for a preview on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-7nEGIWHtQ

2) You can also book us with an optional bagpipe quintet!

Costume ball

You can also book us for costumed parties and fantasy fairs. We will come costumed ourselves!

Maritime festivals

UNICORN has a special V.O.C. program that is approximately 2 x 45 minutes.
If desired, at extra cost, this full evening performance can also be extended with:

Elderly afternoons / evenings

Since the repertoire of UNICORN is partly Dutch music, it can also be easily performed before elderly audiences.


Thanks to: Ferry Sailor (Face & Body Art Group)

But most of all:

The possibilities that UNICORN can offer are numerous, we can be fitted in in many situations/programs/festivities.

We like to show you our versatility during our performances.
The music of many countries is played. The emphasis is on the Celtic music, but bluegrass, klezmer music and maritime folk songs are also played.
We have great pleasure in playing and we love creating atmosphere and interaction with the audience!
Quality (musically, vocally, playing with a professional sound system, professional PR) is very important to us.
If you book UNICORN your evening is going to be a great success!