Music styles

Music without borders!
Like many Dutch folk bands we have fallen for the charms of Irish music, but we also play a lot of other styles. Not only Irish, Scottish and English, but we also play Yiddish-, Canadian- and Dutch Music and also a hint of bluegrass and even a dash of shanties. Through variety we keep the audience enthralled.
UNICORN plays it all!
The variety of instruments, of sounds and the voices of our lead singers allow us to venture to Klezmer music, ragtime, and beautiful narrative ballads as they were sung in many different cultures and languages.

We want our music to appeal to a wide section of the population. So not only for theatre concerts, but also for people who want a night out and laugh and dance. Our repertoire encompasses all that. And so we are equally at ease in the pub or in a church. And there are more places where we perform as well: parties, festivals, theaters, town, you name it.

Unicorn understands the art of making beautiful arrangements. The ballads are very nicely arranged in detail. But UNICORN can also make musical fireworks and a big party.

You can trust Unicorn to create a beautiful atmosphere!