UNICORN has a total of 3 studio CD’s:

The first one came out in the year 2000 under the heading "Travelling through" (with Martien Tijburg, John Kuiper, Monique Bosse, Inez Adema and Dick Niekus) and contains 15 tracks.

Our second CD “Still travelling” on (with Martien Tijburg, John Kuiper, Esther Ladiges and Karin Bakker) was released in April 2007 and contains 18 tracks.

On April 8, 2012 our latest CD "A new Horizon" was released.
This latest CD, our fans that have labeled "a gem" and is very different from the previous CDs because of the fact that UNICORN has two more band members, and is now a six member group!: 2 female lead singers and two violinists, a guitarist/lead singer and an accordion player.
This makes the entire CD a feast to listen to: to hear two harmonizing violins AND three singers harmonizing together.

These are the current members of Unicorn: Martien Tijburg, John Kuiper, Jolanda Traarbach, Betty Borstlap, Martine Nijenhuis and Erna Sommer

In short, it is a wonderful CD with 18 songs again (over an hour of music), that should not be missed in your CD cabinet.

You can buy the CD's at a cost of only € 15, - per CD with us by sending an e-mail to unicorn@hetnet.nl .

You can listen to some sound clips of the last two CDs under the tab "AUDIO"

You can also come to one of our gigs, and buy a CD there.